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Indian Diet Plan for Fat Loss In One Month|Reduce Belly Fat n Build Muscle with Indian Food

Hey Fitness lovers in this article you will learn how you can use Indian diet for fat loss along with this all the myths will be busted about Indian Food.

This Indian Desi Diet plan for Fat Loss specially Tailored for those who want to Gain Muscle Mass and Reduce Belly Fat with their tasty Super Delicious Desi Indian food.

Points Covered

  • Indian Diet Plan For Fat Loss
  • Simplest Way To Do Weight Loss/Fat Loss (Science Explained)
  • Tips to Boost Metabolism to Become a Fat Burning Machine
  • Myths Busted About Fat Loss and Indian Food

Why It is difficult to lose fat in India?

Here is the answer

Yeah I agree, In India sometimes its difficult to be fit because of presence of very delicious food that dont let us to stay on a Cut diet for weight loss or if we are on Bulking Mode so it turns are Bulk Mode into Bear Mode.

Because Most of the Indian Foods are highly dense in calories and most of them loaded heavily with carbs.

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So Why Is It So? Can We Do Belly fat loss?

There are some reasons behind it.

India is the largest country in the world with population over 1.35 Billion People and its 71% of the population is vegetarian which is a huge number.

Whether Vegetarians or Non Vegetarians both are fond of eating Meal loaded with very heavy carbs and calories reason is food we eat in our homes or dishes we love couldn’t be eaten alone (obviously they can be eaten alone but they would not taste best) –Lets Have A Look at Some of our Favourite Dishes.

Vegetarian Dishes:-

  • Aloo Gobhi + Roti
  • Daal+Rice
  • Sabzi + Puri
  • Rajma+Rice
  • Pav + Bhaaji

Guys as you can see everything from Rice to Roti accompanies our Indian food which Creates a carbs with carbs situation.

Because “Rice” contain carbs “Daal” also contain carbs with some amount of Protein.

So thats how our Indian meals lack protein especially vegetarian meals.

Lets have a look at Non-Vegetarian Dishes:-

Non Vegetarian Dishes:-

  • Butter Chicken + Naan
  • Chicken Tikka Masala + Rice
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Fish Curry + Roti or Rice

With Non Vegetarian foods situation is a bit Balanced because here Protein And Carbs ratio is naturaly maintained and it also have all the essential amino acids which Vegetarian Diet Lacks most of the time.

But still not Ideal for fat loss because of high content of fat which creates a unwanted calorie surplus.

Is carbs bad for health?

As mentioned above Guys We are habitual of consuming alot of carbs.

And It shows how our Indian food is structured arround the Rotis, Naans, Rice, and other carb sources.

Which is not a bad thing our body need carbs to produce energy and conduct bodies functions, without carbs we cannot live a healthy lifestyle .

But if you want to loss body fat and change your life for forever then you have to give up on this particular habit for some time.

Is Indian Diet Unhealthy? Can we do weight Loss With Indian Food?

No obviously not Indian food is not Unhealthy.

Any food in this world can considered to be healthy, its us who makes it unhealthy, our eating habits can turn any diet into unhealthy diet.

If you adds too much saturated fat, low glycmic foods, foods with high sugar, over cooked food, high cholestrol food, lots of spices into any diet it will be turned into unhealthy.

Nutritional imbalance in diet is also a major cause which make things Healthy or Unhealthy, if you dont consumes enough Protein, Healthy fats, Fibres, Minerals so your diet is incomplete.

Can we Reduce Body Fat with Indian Food?

And we can do it with our Indian Food too by just making some small changes here n there and you are good to go

How to Lose Fat In One Month? What To Do? Lets Come To Point.

Guys if you want to lose fat you have to go for a caloric defecit by cutting off some amount of calories from your Daily Caloric requirement. You can do it by increasing the Protein and lowering your Carbs(recommended) from your Daily Caloric Intake.

To do that you have to maintain a ratio of Protein, Fat and Carbs because if you dont so you are’nt going to reach nowhere.

Nowdays things are simple and you can simply choose a diet plan,

So guys there are so many Diets Plan like Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo Diet, Low Carb Diet, High Protein Diet, etc. But we will talk about them later.

Always Keep Things Simple

But if we go through the simple and basic principles in order lose some numbers from your Body Fat Levels so you have to eat a Low Carb Diet or Moderate Carb diet with slightly higher or moderate amount of Protein and moderate Fat . “KEEP THINGS SIMPLE”

And we can do it through with our Indian Food too by just making some small changes here n there and you are good to go.

So here is the Indian Diet Plan For Fat Loss with Calorie Info.


  • 4 whole + 2 egg Whites Eggs Omlette or Boiled
  • 4 Whole Wheat Bread/1 Cup oats
  • 1 Glass Milk

Mid Morning Meal

  • 30gm Dry Fruits / Peanuts
  • 2 Egg Whites


  • 2 Roti
  • 1 Cup Mix Daal
  • 1 Plate Salad
  • 1 Cup Dahi

Evening Snack

  • 50gm Peanuts


  • 150gm Tawa Fried Chicken or Fish
  • 1 Roti
  • 1 Cup Dahi/ Curd /Yogurt
  • 1 Plate Salad


  • 1 Glass Hot Milk 250ml

Home Workout Can Make Wonders

Along with this Diet you need to boost your metabolism to reduce your body fat level.

And most simplest way of boosting metabolism is adding some Regular Home Based Workout By Including some simple exercises and your body will turn into a Fat Burning Machine

Exercising regularly not just melts your body fat it also tones your body into its best possible shape. And it makes you look alot younger then your age and also turns into best looking Person in the room.

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